International Scientific Committee   Local Organizing Committee   Local Technical Committee
Charles H. Ahn Yale University   E. Bellingeri CNR - SPIN, Genova   M. C. Lupi  
Ariando National University of Singapore   F. Caglieris CNR - SPIN, Genova   M. Raimondo CNR - SPIN, Genova
Chang-Beom Eom University of Wisconsin-Madison   A. Leveratto CNR - SPIN, Genova   I. Pallecchi CNR - SPIN, Genova
Masashi Kawasaki University of Tokyo   N. Manca CNR - SPIN, Genova   E. Dell'Aglio SCOOL
Hideomi Koinuma University of Tokyo*   D. Marré UNIGE - DIFI
Jochen Mannhart Max Planck Institute Stuttgart   I. Pallecchi CNR - SPIN, Genova
Daniele Marré University of Genova   L. Pellegrino CNR - SPIN, Genova
Tae Won Noh Seoul National University      
Guus Rijnders University of Twente      
Darrell G. Schlom Cornell University      
Yuichi Shimakawa Kyoto University      
Hitoshi Tabata The University of Tokyo      
Jean-Marc Triscone University of Geneva      
T. Venky Venkatesan National University of Singapore*      



* Emeritus member


Conference Chair:
Daniele Marré

niversity of Genoa and CNR-SPIN

iWOE27 Conference Secretariat


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