Instructions for participants

For both virtual and in-person participants

All the attendees should register to the virtual platfom at:
Please sign in by inserting your e-mail (the one of the iWOE mailing list). You'll receive a 6 digit code by email. It could take few minutes, please wait before pushing the button "send again". Once you have logged in, you are asked to personalize your Avatar. Please use your name and surname to identify it.

You are now ready to navigate the platform, by strolling your avatar around. Reach the central hall following the arrows, and from there you can reach:

  • the Auditorium room, where virtual participants can attend oral presentations
  • the poster session room, where both virtual and in-person participants can attend the poster sessions
  • the video room, where both virtual and in-person participants can watch the video recordings of the oral presentations, available for 2 weeks after the workshop closure

How to attend the oral sessions from remote (for virtual participants)

The virtual participants should reach the Auditorium room of the gather platform and take a free seat. The speaker can be heard anywhere in the room. Any participant can also hear any other participant speaking within an interaction distance from him/herself, however, he/she can mute/unmute from his/her hearset any selected participant any time, in oder to be able to better listen to the speaker.

For the short discussion after each oral presentation, the virtual participants may adress their questions and comments privately to the Technical Chair, using the private chat of the Technical Chair in the gather platform. The Technical Chair will manage the questions, by interacting with the chairperson of the session.


How to attend the poster sessions (for both virtual and in-person participants)

Both virtual and in-person participants should reach the poster session room in the gather platform, to attend the poster sessions. Posters will be available during the workshop and for 2 weeks after the workshop closure. Some short video recordings of poster presentations will be also available during the workshop (but not during the poster session itself) and for 2 weeks after the workshop closure. The participants should move their avatar in front of the posters, in order to interact with the respective poster presenters, and press X to visualize the posters.


Should you experience any technical problem with the gather platfom, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Conference Chair:
Daniele Marré

niversity of Genoa and CNR-SPIN

iWOE27 Conference Secretariat


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